sweet: 2.2
Cathy Barber

The fern, its fronds’ sugary underside, ridges of next year and the ones beyond. They must want to sleep, these plants, these trees, not in their wintry way, but in our human, foggy way, screened from the world by the furry veil of another world. The trees’ blue heads must seek the forest floor in the dark, curl up with their rooty feet, leave behind the owls eating mice.

Cathy Barber's work has been published most recently in the literary journals Haight Ashbury Literary Review, Tattoo Highway and Two Review as well as in the anthology Doorknobs and Bodypaint: Fantastic Flash Fiction. She has an MA in English from California State University, Hayward, where she won awards for her poetry, fiction and non-fiction. She teaches with California Poets in the Schools, the largest writers-in-residence program in the country, and serves as president of the board. Her favorite dessert is bread pudding.