Tamiko Beyer

You say, If the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupts, half the island of La Palma will plunge into the sea and then…             Rise up, Atlantic! Find us wanting at the harbor's mouth,             Coney Island lingers a mermaid's lemonade             before the irrevocable tear, the bridges tossed sticks,             Prospect just a phrase on the tip, and O!             Whitman and his houses tumble into the pull,             names gone dumb – …but some people doubt the mega-tsunami theory, you say, glancing up from your screen.             Out the window, the trees' bare branches             undulate like seaweed. See the current, I say,             our street signs fall, the houses lose their bricks. You spread your arms. Draw up the sail, sweetheart. Our room's a tight box ship. We billowy milk and wet paper take the hit and spindrift. We wave and wave and wave.

Tamiko Beyer is a poet, freelance writer, and educator based in New York City. She is the author the chapbook bough breaks (Meritage Press), and her poems have appeared in or are forthcoming from DIAGRAM, H_ngm_n, Anti-, and elsewhere. She is the poetry editor of Drunken Boat, leads creative writing workshop for at-risk youth and other community groups, is a mentor with Girls Write Now, and a founding member of Agent 409: a queer writing collective in New York City. Tamiko is a former Kundiman Fellow and received her M.F.A. from Washington University in St. Louis. Her favorite sweet is any cupcake found at sugar Sweet sunshine bakery. You can find Tamiko Beyer online at