Ira Sukrungruang

Founding Editor Ira Sukrungruang is the author of Talk Thai: The Adventures of Buddhist Boy, a memoir, and co-editor of the fat books What Are You Looking At? The First Fat Fiction Anthology and Scoot Over, Skinny: The Fat Nonfiction Anthology. His favorite candy is anything that has sour-sucking power and unhinges his jaw because of extreme gumminess.

Katherine Riegel

Founding Editor Katherine Riegel—who also goes by Katie—got her MFA from an institution in the Midwest, has published poems and essays in some cool places edited by awesome people, and believes that heaven is made of chocolate. Castaway is her first book of poetry; her second, What the Mouth Was Made For, is due out from FutureCycle Press in early 2013.

K.C. Wolfe

Founding Editor K.C. Wolfe earned his MFA at an institution in the Midwest, after considerable layovers in the western parts of these United States. His essays and short stories can be seen in a variety of publications. He's from Syracuse, NY, birthplace of the 24 second shot clock, the salt potato, and the loafer. He lives most of the year in St. Petersburg, FL, avoiding winter. His favorite sandwich at Darwin is Ships in the Night.

Ryan Bollenbach

Ryan Bollenbach, assistant poetry editor, is a lover and writer of music and poetry, but will attempt to discuss any medium so long as the discussion is lively. As a lover of chocolate who recently went vegan, he plans to spend much of his time looking for dairy-free chocolate desert recipes so that he can rekindle his twenty-four year romance with his one constant lover: the cacao bean.

Gloria Muñoz

Gloria is an MFA candidate at the University of South Florida and recently received the Estelle J. Zbar Poetry Prize and the Bettye Newman Poetry Award. Her work has appeared in Dark Phrases, The Brooklyn Review and The Sarah Lawrence Review.Gloria enjoys traveling, cozy thunderstorm tea and making things with her hands.

Claire Stephens

Claire is a creative writing student at the University of South Florida. She likes gummy bears, science fiction, and english breakfast tea, and doesn't care for vinyl. In the case that reincarnation is the upshot, she'd like to come back as a redwood, and failing that, a basset hound. Her poetry and graphic poetry is forthcoming in Prick of the Spindle.

Zachary Lundgren

Zachary Lundgren is a MFA student at USF, and on the down low, an aspiring musician. He likes to walk around with his headphones on and gets distracted by little things like birds and commas. He is also known to break cell phones and hearts, in that order.

Melissa Carroll

Melissa is in love with organic chocolate almond milk: she douses it on cereal, pours it in her coffee, and chugs it straight up. Her poetry chapbook The Karma Machine received the Peter Meinke Award (YellowJacket Press 2011) and her work has appeared in The Literary Bohemian, New South Review, Blood Lotus Journal, and elsewhere. Melissa teaches yoga throughout Tampa Bay and creative writing at the University of Tampa.

Enaam Alnaggar

Enaam enjoys critiquing junk mail from a design perspective. When she’s not ranting about hideous color schemes and bad typography, she’s writing, snacking, or watching anime or Asian dramas. She prefers her desserts to be aesthetically pleasing.

Jim Miller

Jim loves to read, loves to write, but yet has few kind words for arithmetic. He teaches fiction and creative nonfiction at various institutions of learning and in his free time…uhm…uh…in his free time?

Kirsten Holt

Kirsten Holt is an MFA graduate student of poetry at the University of Central Florida. Her chapbook "Overwintered" was the winner of the 2010 Annual Chapbook Contest and is available from She has also served as managing editor for the Florida Review. She enjoys video games, knitting, and the Oxford Comma. Kirsten will be found most ripe in winter, and though she has been a Florida resident her whole life, still finds these summers incorrigible. She drinks copious amounts of tea to manage.

Brittney Buckley

Brittney has a BA in creative writing, an unhealthy penchant for the color teal, and two very spoiled cats. She is a pop culture junkie and a connoisseur of Chicago pizza. When she's not writing poetry or applying to grad schools, she's finally getting around to reading those hundreds of books she keeps collecting.

Jenni Nance

Jenni Nance is an MFA student at the University of South Florida. Her poetry and nonfiction have appeared in Mother, The Third Street Journal, and Sweet Lit—with a forthcoming publication in Necessary Fiction. In 2012 she received The Knocky Parker Creative Nonfiction Award. Jenni is a fifth generation Florida native and the proud (and oftentimes dumbfounded) mother of two teenaged sons. Jenni dreams of a better, more chocolate-covered world, filled with all of her most favorite things: Corgis, motorcycles, violins, and fried oysters.

Ryan Cheng

Ryan Cheng is currently in the MFA program at the University of South Florida. Since moving to Florida, Ryan has learned to eat chocolate and ice cream much faster. And like a pug, he has Chinese origins and does not farewell in hot and humid weather.

Whitney Templeton

Whitney Templeton is an MFA graduate student at the University of South Florida. Her poems have appeared in Moonshot Magazine, Autumn Sky Poetry, and Barnstorm, among others. When she isn't sitting cross-legged in her desk chair, you may find her kayaking and hiking with her family, falling out of yoga positions, indulging in southern homestyle meals, or generally avoiding sleep. Desserts of the fancy variety are her weaknesses, namely, crème brûlée, tiramisu, and baklava. If a dessert is difficult to pronounce, she'll likely swoon over it.

Christine M. Lasek

Christine M. Lasek is an MFA student at the University of Florida studying fiction. Her work has appeared in Pearl Literary Magazine and The Bear River Review. When not writing, she likes finding new and interesting uses for skills garnered in a past life. She makes a mean Grand Mariner Crème Brulee, which she likes to garnish with pomegranate seeds and mint in the winter, mango slices and blackberries in the summer.

Leslie Salas

Leslie Salas is an up-and-coming writer of fiction, nonfiction, graphic narrative, and screenplay. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida and also serves as an assistant editor for The Florida Review. Leslie is a regular art contributor for SmokeLong Quarterly, and her work has appeared in The Southeast Review, Burrow Press' 15 Views of Tampa Bay, and others. When she isn't writing, drawing, reading, teaching, crocheting, diving, shooting, or training in aikido, you can find her baking sweets. Her favorite dessert is plain strawberry shortcake drowning in whipped cream.

Shannon Vize

Shannon Vize recently graduated from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL with a major in Creative Writing and minors in Journalism, Italian and Literature. She enjoys spending her time reading anything and everything by J.K. Rowling, writing fiction and nonfiction, and collecting/attempting to read a vast array of random novels. When not reading or writing, she spends her free time experimenting with fashion, hair colors and hula-hoops and has an unhealthy affection for glitter.

Josh Roi Keeler

Josh Roi Keeler recently graduated from Eckerd College with a degree in creative writing. He worked as editor-in-chief of the college's literary magazine for two years and has published in online webzines such as Bitterzoet Magazine, Half-Baked Journal, and Eunoia Review. He has also published poems in University of Pittsburgh's Collision Magazine and Contraposition. Josh currently work as a production artist for a company in downtown St. Petersburg, FL, and he spends his off time reading poems from the old American South. Besides reading, writing, and conceptualizing, Josh also enjoys the taste and snap of a good apple.

B.A. Varghese

B. A. Varghese graduated from Polytechnic University (New York) in 1993 and has been working in the Information Technology field ever since. He has also earned a B.A. in English from the University of South Florida. Currently, he is lost somewhere on the internet.